Tips to keep your feet warm this winter

Winter can be hard on your feet. The cold temperatures and dampness can lead to unpleasant sensations, such as frostbite, chapping and pain. To make the most of the winter season, it's important to look after your feet as well as keep them both dry and warm. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your feet cozy this winter by choosing the right shoes, socks and insoles—and adopting the right warming techniques.

Choosing the right boots

The first step to warm feet this winter starts with the right choice of footwear. Opt for insulated, waterproof boots to protect your feet from getting cold and wet. Features to look out for include a real wool lining, which offers superior insulation, and thick soles to prevent the cold from the ground from reaching your feet.

Insulated socks

Top off your boots with a good pair of insulating socks to keep the heat in. Choose materials, such as natural wool or thermal fibers that retain heat while wicking away moisture. Quality socks are essential to keep your feet comfortable in cold weather, both indoors and out.

Boots with Multi-Size Sheepskin Insoles

Use heated insoles

For extra warmth, heated insoles can be a great solution. Note that this type of insole can be used for varying lengths of time before the batteries run out. So be sure to recharge them between uses.

You can also opt for a natural sheepskin sole* to boost warmth and the comfort level of your boots. 

Foot-warming techniques

Before going out in cold weather, take a few minutes to warm up your feet. The aim here is to stimulate blood circulation and heat production in your feet. Before putting on your boots, massage the whole of your feet, from your toes to your heel. Then, put on your shoes, flex and stretch your toes, rotate your ankles, walk on the spot, etc.  Do these exercises for a few minutes before going out and your feet will be ready to brave the cold!

Moisturize to prevent dry skin

Keeping your feet moisturized is crucial to prevent skin dryness, especially in winter conditions. Use a foot-specific moisturizing lotion, such as shea butter, aloe, glycerin or urea. It's richer and thicker than a conventional moisturizing lotion and penetrates your feet’s skin more easily. Apply your moisturizing lotion every day, after washing and drying your feet.

Choice of indoor slippers

When you're indoors, choose warm, comfortable slippers to keep your feet warm. Sheepskin slippers are an excellent option, offering benefits such as incomparable comfort and thermal insulation. Opt for slippers that cover your feet and ankles well, like bootie slippers or shin hugger slippers for maximum comfort.

To help you choose the right pair of slippers for your needs, materials, care requirements, etc., take a look at our article on how to choose slippers.

Avoid humidity

Prevent cold feet by avoiding moisture inside your boots. Choose waterproof boots and use moisture-wicking socks, such as merino wool socks to keep your feet dry. If your feet sweat excessively, consider using absorbent powder.

It's worth noting, however, that in general, using natural sheepskin products is the ideal way to counter excessive perspiration and unpleasant odours. To find out more about the benefits of sheepskin products, click here.

Opt for toe covers

Toe covers add an extra layer of protection against the cold, especially in extreme conditions. Choose toe covers that are compatible with different footwear for greater versatility. They should, however, be used occasionally and in moderation to avoid the risk of irritation, infection or poor circulation. Wear them only when your toes are really cold and remove them as soon as you're warm and comfortable. Avoid wearing your toe covers for longer than necessary and wash them regularly.


By adopting these practical tips, you can say goodbye to constantly frozen feet during the winter season! Remember to choose the right boots, opt for insulating socks or socks made of natural fibers, use extra insoles, keep properly hydrated and choose a good pair of slippers. Discover our collections of sheepskin slippers for men, women and children. Taking care of your feet during the cold season gives you the chance to fully enjoy what winter has to offer!

*Multi-size insoles in natural sheepskin are available in men's and women's sizes.


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